How it Works

Open Finance Tokens helps you safely lend your savings at optimized rates
to money markets on the Ethereum blockchain.

Built on top of trusted
DeFi protocols.

Open Finance Tokens makes it easy to enter the world of decentralised finance.

DAI (+3.26%)

DAI is a decentralized stablecoin overcomes price volatility.

Compound (+3.76%)

Algorithmic money markets on the Ethereum blockchain. Interest and borrowing, for the open financial system.

Fulcrum (+5.49%)

Trustless platform for margin trading built on top of the bZx protocol.

dydx (+5.49%)

Trustless margin trading, borrowing, and lending built on Ethereum & Web3.

Nuo (+4.30%)

Peer to peer network of lenders and borrowers to enable crypto backed loans.


As the ecosystem grows, new DeFi protocols will be supported.

How You Can Start Earning

Get started in
just five minutes.

Start with
as little as $10.

Pay with card,
no crypto required.


Put your savings to work

No Crypto Needed

Exchange for DAI and ETH with your card at competitive rates.

Automatic Conversion

Connect your wallet and deposit WBTC, ETH, or any ERC20 to start earning passive income.


Grow your savings faster

Earn Interest in Realtime

Your interest accrue approximately every 15 seconds.

Instant Liquidity

Your principal is protected. Withdraw your savings and accumulated interest whenever you need it, at any time.


Experience New Money

Buy and Sell Anytime, Anywhere

Freely buy and sell your tokens anywhere. There are no lockup periods after purchasing an OFT.


With Ethereum smart contracts, we're cutting out the banks, and passing all the earnings directly to you.

The New Money Experience

Open Finance Tokens provides you with global banking services built on top of crypto.

High Yield

Get interest rates multiple times over that offered by traditional finance.

Instant Liquidity

No fixed terms. Withdraw your savings and accumulated interest anytime.

Stay in Control

OFTs are non-custodial and is built with Ethereum smart contracts, which have been extensively reviewed by top security auditors. You hold and have full control over your funds.

Verified Security

Powered by audited code and smart contracts. No counterparty risk.

Globally Accessible

Available to people in all countries and jurisdictions.

Available Wherever You Are.

We strive to give the global unbanked access to world-class financial services.

  • Alaska
  • New York, USA
  • Zug, Switzerland
  • Bangladesh
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Venezuela
  • Ethiopia
  • Singapore

Launching in 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a loosely defined collection of ideas to reshape banking, lending, and derivatives. In essence, by putting financial services on a blockchain, DeFi advocates say these systems can become faster, cheaper, and globally accessible. DeFi might be described as the internet of money.

DeFi consists of conventional financial tools such as lending and borrowing, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Other services include Open lending protocols, issuance platforms and investing, prediction markets, exchanges and open marketplaces, and stablecoins.

The Open Finance Token is an open-source ERC20 token that passively earns you interest. It's a high-yield savings account built on top of crypto.

Here's how it works: you deposit DAI to a smart contract and receive oDAI tokens in return. Smart contracts rebalances your funds across multiple DeFi money market protocols (Compound, Fulcrum, dydx, and more) with the highest interest rate at any time. By holding OFT tokens for a period of time, you gain exposure and accumulate interest as your deposited crypto-assets gets lent out to decentralized money markets. You can withdraw your funds at any time.

You can hold OFTs for as short as one Ethereum block (approximately 15 seconds.) There are no fixed terms of how long an asset must be lent out. Your interest accumulates every block and you’re free to redeem this at any time.
You just have to connect your wallet and choose to redeem your OFTs. Smart contracts will send the tokens you lent out and any accumulated interest earned directly into your wallet.
We currently support the DAI stablecoin and ETH.
OFTs conform to the ERC-20 Standard and can be listed on any decentralized or centralized exchange.
Yes, we never hold your tokens at any point in the lending lifecycle. Ownership of your funds can only be transferred by the smart contract. When you lend assets, smart contracts forward them to the best lending protocol and give you back OFTs representing your position. You are the sole owner of the tokens.

Your own wallet.

The underlying DAI collateral that backs each OFT are held inside of the different DeFi protocol smart contracts. We do not have access to your funds. If you lose access to the wallet that holds your OFTs, we will not have any way of retreiving your funds for you.

Security is very important to us. We are veteran smart contract developers and have made considerable efforts to ensure our contracts system has been reviewed by top security audit firms. Internally, we examine our contracts line by line by using industry-leading static analysis and formal verification tools. Finally, we only integrate with battle-tested DeFi protocols that have been around for some time.
All users should always be aware that there is a possibility of a smart contract flaw being found in any of the decentralized finance protocols which could result in users funds being lost. This risk becomes lower depending on whether the associated smart contracts have been audited, how long the protocol has been in use, the amount of funds that has been managed by the protocol so far, etc. As of now, this research is left to the end user, but we are discussing ways we could make some of this information available.